Thursday, June 19, 2014

Faith Dakimakura Covers Now Available!

The wait is over for our first official merch! Faith dakimakura covers are now available through the Lunar Shine site. You can head over there now to snag one. More products and more daki designs are on their way.

Additionally, you'll notice that the donation button is now gone. From now on, if you'd like to support the project, we'll have a lot of neat stuff for you to buy. We get funds to keep going, and you get cool swag. Everybody wins and we don't feel weird for taking your money.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two years - An announcement!

It's May 31st!

So what are we doing to celebrate two years of development? With a big announcement, of course!

Even though we do need money to continue to develop the game, we've always been uneasy with taking donations (huge thank you so much to the few who've thrown money our way). We want to give something back for supporting us, so we've partnered with Lunar Shine to bring you guys some official merch! In just a few weeks, we'll begin rolling out the Starswirl Academy goodies starting with dakimakura cases. Faith will be up first with the rest following soon after.

If you visit Anthrocon or BronyCon in July and August respectively, you'll be able to see all the currently available pillowcases in person at the Lunar Shine booth!

Thanks for sticking with us, and stay tuned for more exciting updates from the team!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"pretty" - A short kinetic novel

[Windows | Mac | Linux]
Playtime < 1 Hour

Hey, everyone. Wavedash here.

Sometimes on the development blog, we talk about other projects that us Zap Apple developers are doing on the side. We thought we'd start posting that kind of thing here too, since a lot of people ask what we're up to. Today, we're proud to show off our paranormal short story "pretty" for the first time.

In a small town, mysterious disappearances have given rise to numerous rumors of unexplained creatures prowling the streets. You are a normal high school senior with a periphery interest in the supernatural. You wouldn't call it unhealthy or anything. It’s not like you spend your free time on ghost sighting blogs or anything like that (at least not every day). Even so, when a cute classmate asks for your help, you can’t help but say yes.

This game was conceptualized and created in just over two weeks by a few of us who've worked on Starswirl as well as some new faces.

Why two weeks?

Some of you may be familiar with NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, where writers motivate themselves to finish an entire novel during the month of November. There is a similar event for the visual novel world called NaNoRenO which takes place in March. We remembered that it was happening and got around to starting it halfway through.

So this is the 1.0 Beta version that we're releasing straight out of development. No testing. Everything should be fine, but there's a few things we didn't get around to doing due to the time limit. We'll probably go back and update it later if we get some feedback. Let us know what you think!


derpii - Sprites
OPtimistic - Scenario
Myth - Music
timbaer - Backgrounds
Wavedash - Scenario/Programming/UI


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quick note

We've already made the changes requested by Hasbro. Everything here, including the demo, reflects the new version of the game. No one is getting a design change or personality makeover. We've never said anything like that.

I've been getting this question so often, I decided to post the answer here on the main site.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Starswirl for Android is here!

The Starswirl Academy Demo for Android™ is finally here! Not only that, it's available on Google Play!™ A huge thank you to Ren'Py creator, PyTom, for his help the past few days in getting this ready to go.

Bear in mind that this is currently a (mostly) straight port. There are no phone-specific interface changes quite yet. We'll get to that once we create a custom UI for the desktop version. If you find any bugs or crashes, make sure to report them so we can look into it.

Click HERE to download it now!